1. Bachelorette Party

The first of our friends is getting married, so we picked a weekend for all our girlfriends from out of town to fly in to Chi for the bachelorette party. After buying a ton of lewd party favors, we realized we hadn't figured out where were actually going to go after our nice dinner out. This is where came in. The other bridesmaids and I work way too much and didn't have time to field calls from bars, and haggle for drink deals with the managers, so we just went online and did the whole thing!. We sent the invite from the confirmation page and heard back from the club we chose the same day. It was wicked easy, and the venue was perfect for the party, since the site had described it as fun and crazy with a lot of dancing, loud music, and guys. Come on, it was a bachelorette party!

By Deanna

2. Company Party

As an executive assistant, I often planned company parties for my firm at local bars and restaurants. It was an enormous hassle and always took a ton of time to figure out the right place, make sure they could accommodate our large group, and go back-and-forth a million times to arrange a drink package. Brilliantly, this spring I planned our quarterly outing using Projectparties and it made my life so much easier. I knew of two places I was interested in going, and they were both on the site and I could look at the availability of space and their drink packages without ever having to pick up the phone. Needless to say, everyone had a great time, and for once, I even got to enjoy myself too!

By Karen

3. Charity Fundraiser

Our charity group holds two fundraisers per year to raise money for our operating costs throughout the year. As it's a mentoring program, a lot of our members are young professionals who enjoy going out for a good cause. This year we used Projectparties to set up a private room at a bar near our headquarters. They had a great drink deal, and the bar was very quick to get back to us via email. So much so that we were able to send out invitations to the fundraiser extra-early. This is key since people's schedules definitely fill up fast during the holidays.

By Shay

4. Going Away Party

My buddy moved away to the west coast last month. He didn't want a big party, but was having a tough time finding time to say goodbye to all his friends in town. We offered to throw him a going-away shindig. Since mostly we're used to throwing keggers in our apartment, it didn't seem appropriate for his last night out in the windy city. Instead we decided to use projectparties and book a room at our neighborhood bar. What better place for him to celebrate all the good times he's had over the last couple years? Yea we thought it was a great idea too. Everything was easy and settled without a single cold-call or non-returned message. Gotta love it.

By Jerry

5. Birthday Party

My friend and I have the same birthday, which is weird since we were placed together as roommates freshman year. We like to think of it as fate. Anyway, since we were both turning 21 on a Saturday we wanted throw a big party with all our friends. Since we're new to the bar scene (because it's illegal to drink when you're under 21!) was a life saver. We knew we wanted to be able to dance to the kind of music we like, so we used that criteria to search for the best bar in our ‘hood. We picked a cheap drink package, invited our friends from the confirmation page and waited to see if it would work. We got an email from the manager a few hours later and got everything confirmed. Our friends came out in full force, and they couldn't believe that we got into such a cool club. We had a great time, from what we remember ; )!

By Stephanie


We signed up with Projectparties this winter, and have seen our party bookings triple. Before, I guess people didn't think of us as a place to have private parties since we're more of a low-key establishment, but the new exposure really did wonders. The patrons have a great time, and we appreciate the volume

By Aaron Frey


Our managers work long hours and are constantly busy with clients and staff. It was pretty hard to consistently keep in contact with people who would call in about booking parties. Basically, we just didn't have a person dedicated to it full time, and a lot of times a caller would fall through the cracks. And it doesn't do us any good when people don't get responses to their inquiries. Once we signed up with Projectparties, I can answer people's party requests via email, on an online booking system. I know how many people to plan for because it tells me how many people have responded to YES on their invite. This tally and the less time spent on the phone makes it much more convenient and keeps everyone happy.



By Dave Pederson

8. BAR MANAGER PERSPECTIVE makes booking parties really easy on our staff. Our manager checks his email pretty much all the time, and that's just about all you need to do. The site provides our drink packages so we don't spend time explaining them over and over to people who call on the phone, and they show our availability as well. It's increased the number of parties we've had the last two weeks to already more than we usually have per month. We're happy to be a part of it.

By Eric Tepper

9. Bachelor Party

So, I live in San Antonio, and my little bro lives in Chicago and is getting married this month. Turns out being out of state does not exempt you from planning the bachelor party. Since I didn't have the time, nor the patience, for calling tons of bars up in Chitown, I opted to use to book his last night of freedom. Using their criteria options and neighborhood feature I could pick areas I knew he and his friends frequent, and the corresponding bars would come up. I didn't have to worry about not knowing the city very well. The site really did all that for me. I picked a place, date, time and package, and boom, done and done. Of course I planned some "activities" afterwards too, but that's neither here nor there.

By Chris

10. Out of Town Clients


I was in need of some immediate help to put together an evening on short notice for a group of high-end, out-of-town clients. To make matters worse, my assistant was on vacation. allowed me to pick from an impressive list of venues, choose the right package. The net result was a great night and some happy clients who think I know all the right places in Chicago. I was able to do it on-line without the hassle of a lot of phone conversations. You made me look good and saved my assistant from boss-rage upon her return. We both thank you.

Jim Bristol Managing Partner Chicago Global Capital, LLC

By Jim Bristol