1. What is is the first fully automated, online party booking website. ProjectParties allows you to not only search for, but also book your event entirely online. No more playing phone tag with party bookers, waiting for managers to call you back or relying on others to get your event set up and booked. utilizes a first of its kind event search engine called the Party Finder. The Party Finder aids in your venue search by helping you narrow down the choices according to exactly what you are looking for, and then suggesting venues that would best fit your needs.
  2. How much does cost to use? is completely free service! Search for and book your parties totally free of charge.
  3. I’ve entered my search criteria but still can’t seem to find a venue where I would like to book a party. is adding new venues to our system every day but in the event that the Party Finder doesn’t return entirely satisfactory results you have a couple of options. 1) You can go back to the Party Finder and search for venues with a different sequence of search criteria than previously used. Remember, the Party Finder narrows down your venue choices after each search criteria is selected. Try starting off with a different search criteria than you used last time and continue from there. 2) You can use the Bar By Category list which allows you browse in a much broader view. The Bar By Category (upper left hand corner of the website) function allows you to see all the bars that fit under each single search criteria. If you want to see all the bars that play a certain type of music or are in a certain location, the Bar By Category method would display that for you. 3) If you know the name of the venue(s) you are looking for you can use the search box at the top right to enter those venue names directly.
  4. I’ve submitted my request to book a party. Now what happens?
    At this time your party request details will be sent to the manager of your desired venue and you will receive an emailing informing you of this exchange, along with the details of the party that you are requesting. The manager will receive these details and at that time decide either to confirm or deny your party. We encourage our managers to complete this process within 48 hours of the time your request is sent, however in certain situations it may take a little longer to hear back. You will receive an email with the results of this decision as soon as the manager responds.
  5. My party was confirmed what happens now?
    Congratulations! You are well on your way to having a great party! Once your party is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your party was confirmed along with all the details of your party. Within the email you will receive a ID number. This will be the unique number used to identify your specific party. This confirmation email also will allow you to invite your friends through email to your event. In your confirmation email you will see a link that says “Invite Friends Here”. If you click that link you will be brought to a page that will allow you to invite friends to your event.
  6. How does the “Invite Friends Here” link work?
    Once your party is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email that will contain the “Invite Friends Here” link…Clicking on this link will bring you to a page which will allow you to send email invitations to friends informing them of your event. You have two options for inviting people. If you know their email addresses you can manually enter them in the box separated by commas. You also can use the email widget to login into your email contacts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and select the contacts you’d like to invite. Once you have selected your contacts you have the option to include a special message that will be included in your email as well. The email that is sent to your selected contacts will contain a short message inviting them to your event, all your event’s details and any special message you choose to include.
  7. My party was NOT confirmed what should I do now?
    Party requests may be denied for a number of reasons outside of’s control. In the event that this happens we encourage you to go back to and try to book your party at one of our other great venues.
  8. 8. I’ve selected the venue where I’d like to have my party, but they don’t have the exact package or options I’m looking for.
    We strive to offer the all the best packages possible however at times you may want something a little different than what is listed. In this case, we advise you to pick the package that best suits your needs and when you go to submit your package request there is a box titled “Special request or message will” where you can list your desired customized options. This special request or message will be sent directly to the manager of the prospective venue along with your party details for him/her to look at. At that time they can contact you back to discuss your special request and see if it is something they can facilitate. Although we encourage our managers to fulfill your requests to the best of their abilities, please understand that not all requests can be honored.
  9. I have submitted a party request but have NOT received an email with my requested party details.
    Once you submit a request to book a party you will receive an email notifying you of the party details and that your party request was submitted. If you do not receive this email within 1 hour of submitting your request please check your spam box to make sure it wasn’t accidentally screened. If it is not in your spam box please email informing him of the issue.
  10. I received my party request details email but have still not received a confirmation or denial email and it’s been more than 48 hours.
    We encourage all our managers to either confirm or deny all party requests within 48 hours and we monitor the process to make sure they reply in a timely fashion. In the event that you have still not received a confirmation or denial email and it’s been 96 hours (4 days) since the time of your request please email with your issue.
  11. I’ve booked my party and received my confirmation email, what do I do when I get to my venue on the date of the party.
    On the date of your party when you arrive to your venue please notify the venue staff that you are there for “ party ID number ___” (inserting your ID Number ). At that time the staff will have a bracelet for you and you can pay for your individual package right there. Please inform your friends of the party ID number as well and they can follow the same procedure and pay for their packages individually as well.
  12. Can I prepay for everyone’s package instead of having people pay individual as them come?
    Yes, you may prepay for packages at certain venues and you can request to do this in the “Special Message or Request” box when submitting your party details. The manager will then be notified of this and can setup proper arrangements for a prepaid package.
  13. Do the party package on your site include cover charge as well?
    All the packages on our website also include the cover charge. If you purchase a party package you will not be required to any pay an additional cover charge.
  14. Do you offer table/bottle service and any of your venues?
    At this time we don’t offer the direct option to book a table/bottle but you can request a table/bottle along with your party package in the “Special Message” box when you submit your request. We will be adding this option to our site very soon.
  15. I don’t see the venue listed on your site where I would like to have my party?
    We are constantly adding new venues to to give you the most options possible, but at times we might not have the exact venue you are looking for. If this is the case please email with the name of the venue where you would like to book a party and we will do our best to not only help you book your event, but also get that venue listed on our site for future events.
  16. Is only available in the Chicago land area and surround suburbs?
    Currently is only available in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs but we are in the process of expanding to other major cities in the US.
  17. How exactly does the search function work?
    The search function works best if you decide what factors are most important to you in your search and you use those first. If “Music Genre” is your most important criteria, then start by choosing that category first.  If “Location” is the most important criteria then start with that first. The search function will start to narrow down bars according to the first criteria you pick. It will then continue to narrow the bar choices available according to the next criteria you chose. You can choose as little or as many criteria as you’d like. However, the more criteria you choose, the fewer amount of bars that fit that criteria will be displayed. You can see the amount of bars that fit your selected criteria by looking below the search button. This number will update as you continue to choose criteria.
  18. Why are certain search criteria available to choose sometimes, and other times not available?
    The actual search criterion that is available is also dependent on what search criteria you first choose. In order for there to always be a bar available to you, search criteria will slowly narrow down. This is why it’s important to choose your most important criteria first. So let’s say you are looking for a bar that is in the “Downtown” area and also has “Techno” music. You’ll notice that if you chose “Downtown” as the location first, you won’t see “Techno” under the “Music Genre” category. This is because at this time we don’t provide any bars that fit under both those search criteria so the choice is not available to you. Keep in mind that we are adding bars to out list everyday and hope to eventually have enough bars to fill in all the available search criteria.
  19. What’s the difference between the “Browse Bars By Category” and “Bar Search”?
    “Browse Bars By Category” is meant to be used as a broad search to help you get an idea of how many bars are in each specific category. You can use this to get an idea of all the bars in a certain location or all the bars that play a certain type of music. You can also use this to book events directly or you can “Browse Bars By Category” to get a general idea and then start narrowing down bars with search criteria in the “Bar Search” area.
  20. What do each of the search criteria mean?
    Location: This is where you can chose if you’d like to search for a bar in the Suburbs or in Chicago. The drop down menu let’s you choose specially what neighborhood you’d like to choose a bar from.
    Music Genre: This lets you narrow down bars that play a certain type of music. Many bars play more than one type of music so we do our best to include any music genre it might play.
    Bar Type: This lets you narrow your search according to what variety the bar tends to lean towards. This should give you a better idea of the type of people and theme you could expect for that bar.
    Games: This lets you narrow a search according to what type (if any) of games it has available to play like pool or video games
    Features: This lets you narrow your search according to individual features available at the bar.
    Crowd: This lets you narrow your search according to how busy the bar is at certain times The categories are,  Happy Hour (5pm – 8pm), Prime Time (9pm – 12am), Late Crowd (12am-2am) or Afterhours (2am -5am) crowd. Some bars may only have one of the 4 choices or may have multiple times that they are known for being busy.